Outdoor Environment

Natural Features of our Center

 The outdoor environment is a part of our education plan for children attending CCLC. The interaction with animals, gardening, and nature will help children see the world as a place to learn, grow, and become caring individuals.

Nature trails- children are given a chance to observe wonders of our natural world. We will wonder and explore why a spider spins a web, do birds have ears? how do fish breath? Noticing nature's wonders helps children become more observant and respectful of the world around them.

Gardens- Our gardens allow children to plan and work together to create something they believe is important. Teachers can bring their curriculum outdoors. Counting seeds, digging holes, measuring the correct distance between plants, marking the calendar for anticipated date of seedling appearance, watching and measuring the heights of plants as they grow are experiences taht will be integrated.

Barn and Animals- CCLC's barn and docile, domesticated goats are a natural attraction for children to learn basic concepts about the animal world, enhance responsibilities, and to care for something other than themselves. The children realize that animals, like people, have basic needs.

The meadow- Located at the bottom edge of our woods, is a beautiful place where classes can go to develop large motor skills. Children are able to move about and expand their play and imaginations here.

Hills- Our small hills offer lots of seasonal fun. During winter, the children sled and slide down. In summer, they run, climb up, and slip n slide down.

Shelter- An ideal spot for a picnic lunch. The shelter has so many possibilities to be outside if its a little rainy, or need some shade from the sun. Children play games there like 4-square,  play scooter tag, hula hooping, and dancing.

Whether it is a game of tag in "the meadow", building forts in our forest, or searching for worms after a rainy day, our students enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities throughout the year.  

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