Why Choose Us?


Our Outdoor environment is spectacular!

  • Country Creek is located on five acres of woods with trails that will be used for nature walks, observing and identifying plants and animals in their natural settings.
  • There are plenty of quiet spaces for outdoor story times, a place to watch for signs of changing seasons and educational group games.
  • Spacious gardens where children will grow and care for their own plants and flowers. For example, children will plant strawberry plants, care for them until they are ripe, clean them and create home made strawberry jam. To elaborate on the changing seasons, children will plant their own pumpkin seeds and watch them grow into the Fall. In October, they will have their own pumpkin to carve!
  • Children will have experiences caring for and learning from our domesticated, gentle, goats.

Our School is clean, and well designed, with learning and safety in mind

  • Our warm and inviting facility has: seven classrooms where children are instructed by educated and professional teachers.
  • Each classroom is set up in developmentally appropriate learning centers and feature theme units.

Our Program offering is extensive and flexible to work with busy families

  • Country Creek only closes 11 days the entire calendar year. (the major holidays and 1 in-service day)   

Our teachers are bright, creative, and responsive to your children

  • Children will learn through active, hands-on exploration and discovery, and each classroom will have motivational goals set for the children that foster positive self-esteem and cognitive growth. 
  • Each child will have portfolios that will be shared with parents during conferences.